The Marstall Family

The Marstall family: Wiesbaden family photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Marstall family twice. Their first session with me was the beginning of 2020 for a beautiful sunset maternity session. Last summer, when I announced I was moving to Germany, they contacted me again to schedule an extended family session. This time they were joined by Alicia’s parents and sister to celebrate their first family session with their baby son Easton. The first family session after a baby joins the family is an important one, and I want to make it as special as I can.

Since it was August and quite hot as Tucson is in summer, they chose a sunrise session at Saguaro National Park. We arrived just as the sun was peaking above the Rincon mountains. It was cool and the light was soft, a perfect morning for this beautiful session. I found a saguaro with two arms to use as a backdrop so I could capture the sun peeking through. We began with family photos of everyone, then I focused on individual photos with their little one. I moved on to photos with little one and his grandparents and aunt.

As the sun got higher in the sky, I moved everyone to another set of saguaros. They were a little taller and able to block the sun more efficiently. They also provided a different look for gallery variety. We captured more photos of Alicia and Stephen with their baby boy, and shots of Easton with his grandma, grandpa, and aunt. We ended the session with couples photos of Alicia and Stephen. Although family sessions with a baby and extended family can be tricky, this session was wonderful to shoot. My editing intent was to create photos with the same bright, warmth as the family. I love how they turned out.

The Marstall Family Photos

The Marstall family together at Saguaro National Park

Alicia and her son during their sunrise family session

Dad and son together in front of a saguaro at Saguaro National Park

Alicia and Easton cuddling in front of a saguaro

Daddy loves for baby Easton

Alicia giving kisses to her son during their family session

Daddy Stephen giving his son Easton kisses during their sunrise family session

The Marstall family together for their sunrise family session at Saguaro National Park

Playful interactions with baby Easton for mom and dad during their sunrise family session

Grandma and Grandpa giving Easton loves during the Marstall's family session

Grandma, Grandpa, and baby Easton

Lots of grandparent snuggles for little Easton during their sunrise family session

Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie giving loves to Easton during their sunrise family session

Easton and his beautiful aunt as the morning sun shines through the saguaro behind them

The Marstall family with Alicia's parents and sister

A beautiful august sunrise session for the Marstall family

Alicia and Easton in a lovely mom and son collage

Easton and his dad

The lovely Marstall family smiling and cuddling together

Mom and dad kisses for baby Easton

Alicia and Stephen together for a few couples photos during their family session

Beautiful couple's photos for Alicia and Stephen during their family session

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