Do you know someone who is looking for a professional photographer?

Your referrals are greatly appreciated as they not only help me, but benefit you! That's right, YOU can benefit from referring family, friends, co-workers or anyone to me for a session. The more you refer, the more you benefit!


How does it work?


If you are a past or present Belle Vie Photography client, you can earn referral credits for everyone you refer. All you have to do is have your referral mention your name when they book with me. Once their session has been completed and paid for, you will receive a $25 photography credit for a future session. On your fifth referral, you will receive a $50 credit. On your tenth referral, you will receive a free mini-session.




1. Referral credits are only available to past or present Belle Vie Photography clients who have paid for a session with Belle Vie Photography.


2. Referred individuals must purchase and complete a session with Belle Vie Photography, this DOES NOT include mini-sessions, before the referral credits are awarded to the referrer.


3. Referral credits can only be used for a future session with Belle Vie Photography and are not transferrable. The referrer is the only person who can redeem the referral credits.


4. Only one referrer per referred individual, i.e. if numerous people mention Belle Vie Photography on a social media post, the credit will go to whomever the referred individual mentions.


5. Referral credits must be used within one year of award.


6. If the case that Belle Vie Photography ceases to be in business or moves out of state, notice will be given to clients with referral credits of their expiration. It will be the responsibility of the client to book a session to use their credits. If not done so, referral credits will be voided.


7. Belle Vie Photography is not responsible for unused referral credits.


8. Credits cannot be redeemed for cash.