Little Carter

Carter surrounded by airplanes during his three-month session

Last week I shared about the lovely Ballington Family. They first contacted me for a newborn session, but because of the COVID lockdown in Arizona, I couldn’t shoot their newborn session. So, they decided to do a three-month session. I love shooting three-month sessions. Babies are awake, alert, and are generally full of smiles. Carter was definitely full of smiles. His little face was a bright smile almost the entire session. He didn’t fuss or cry, simply smiled, looked around, kicked his legs, and was the happiest baby! He also had the cutest hair to match his smile. I have never had so many comments on how darling his hair was after posting to social media. Everyone was captured by little Carter’s cuteness.

Three-month sessions usually consist of tummy poses and back poses since three-month olds can’t hold themselves up. We began with tummy poses. I picked simple colors of blue, green, and yellow. We began with blue, because his parents brought a special handmade airplane toy. Blue was my favorite for Carter, because of his brilliant blue eyes. Not always does blue complement someone with blue eyes, but this certainly did for Carter. His eyes were captivating in the photos. I took a few photos in a monogrammed onesie mom brought, and then switched to naked, with diaper, poses. Green and yellow followed the blue with continued smiles, then I switched him to his back.

We finished with Carter on a brown flokati, and a cream fur rug. The fur rug in his monogrammed onesie was another of my favorite sets. Again the blue was perfect for him, and the cream background beautifully displayed his full head of hair. The airplane image in his onesie was specially made, because we had planned for an airplane theme during his newborn session.

Little Carter: The Photos

Carter in his cute monogrammed onesie on a blue backdrop to match his eyes during his three-month session

Carter with his handmade airplane toy during his three-month session

Carter wasn't quite sure what to make of all the flashing, but he was so sweet

Carter's eyes are brilliant blue with this gorgeous rich, blue backdrop

Blue was the most amazing color for Carter

A sweet smile for little Carter on green, but I forgot to cover his diaper

Little carter in green during his three-month session

The green backdrop was beautiful with his bright blue eyes

A big smile and a sunny personality all surrounded in yellow

Cute Carter all in yellow

His hair was the cutest, especially with this little inquisitive look

Sweet little boy in his monogrammed onesie during his three month session

Three photos of carter in his monogrammed onesie during is baby studio session

Carter with a great big grin in his monogrammed onesie

Super sweet carter had a great time kicking his legs during his photos

Darling little Carter in brown during his three-month session

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