Alicia’s Maternity

When I booked Alicia’s maternity session she actually requested my announcement package. This package is for new pregnancy announcements, so when I arrived to the session I did not expect Alicia to be as pregnant as she was. Nor did I expect her to look as amazing as she did in her blue, body-hugging maternity dress. I was thrilled, but since my announcement sessions are only thirty minutes I knew we had to hurry.

We met at Saguaro National Park on the Eastside of Tucson just before sunset. The desert at sunset is absolutely magical, creating a breathtaking ambiance for maternity portraits. Even the nastiest of cactus, jumping cactus, springs alive with an ethereal beauty. We began with Alicia surrounded by jumping cactus, her blue gown standing out brilliantly. These first few shots were simple with her in a circle of jumping cactus. Saguaros stood behind her in the background and a saguaro was on the right side of the camera. We followed with photos on the nearby trail.

Our next shots captured the sunset on the horizon in front of a saguaro. Alicia looked absolutely breathtaking illuminated by the sun. These shots were just magic and are still some of my favorites a year and a half later. After the sun set we walked to a saguaro-filled location with the Catalina mountains in the background. It’s my favorite spot at Saguaro National Park, but it’s best lighting is after sunset. I captured more couples shots and more of just Alicia. We finished with Alicia and her husband holding one another, the Rincon mountains in the background, and the sun casting a warm glow over them. We also captured a couple of fun silhouettes since the sunset was exquisite. Although short, Alicia’s maternity session was fun, magical, and lovely.

Alicia’s Maternity: The Photos

Alicia surrounded by jumping cactus during her maternity session at Saguaro National Park

Alicia and her husband surrounded by jumping cactus during her desert maternity session

Walking down one of the Saguaro National Park trails, Alicia and her hubby during their maternity session

A sunset maternity with Alicia in blue against the desert background

At Broadway Trailhead in Saguaro National Park, Alicia and her hubby at their maternity session

Sunset and breathtaking saguaros for Alicia during her maternity session

Alicia and her husband with a saguaro and the setting sun behind them.

A glamorous sunset for Alicia and her husband.

The final moment of sunset for this couple's maternity session.

Alicia's silhouette, just as the sun was setting on the Tucson horizon.

Alicia and her husband with the Catalina mountains in the background.

A bit of laughter during their maternity session.

Alicia looking breathtaking with the mountains and giant saguaros behind her.

A little desert stroll for Alicia and her husband.

A few moments of peace and love for the happy couple.

One of my favorites, Alicia surrounded by the beauty of the Catalina mountains and desert saguaros.

A final shot of Alicia and her husband with the Rincon mountains to their backs.

Alicia silhouetted by a magical Tucson sunset.

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