Cory’s Senior Session

A serious image for Cory during his senior session

I don’t get to photograph many seniors, but senior sessions are one of my favorites to shoot. It’s wonderful watching a senior’s excitement as they prepare for college or to start their new life. When Cory’s mom contacted me, I was naturally thrilled and couldn’t wait for the session. He wanted a desert backdrop and asked to shoot at Sabino Canyon. The day we met was a beautiful Tucson spring day with beautiful sunlight and mild desert temperatures. I took Cory and his mom to my favorite spot at Sabino Canyon. It’s a quick and easy walk, but there are tons of saguaros, jumping cactus, and after sunset, the mountain views are spectacular.

Cory’s wardrobe for his session was simple, but classic. His first set of photos we photographed him in jeans and a brownish-maroon button-up. His second outfit was more formal pairing a button-up with slacks and a leather belt. We finished his session with a casual white button-up and relaxed jeans. The colors he wore were an excellent match for the desert backdrop he chose. He stood out, but paired well with his environment.

His session lasted one to two hours and I captured a ton of photos. Although the area I shoot in is small, I took my time photographing a large variety of poses and backgrounds. From desert saguaros to the sun setting against the Catalina Mountains. Cory asked specifically for a photo of him looking toward the sunset from behind. Thankfully the sky was amazing and Cory got the photo he requested.

The session was gorgeous, but the one thing we didn’t capture was Cory in his cap and gown. This led to a second amazing session with Cory. Stay tuned for the second of Cory’s two senior sessions at Sabino Canyon.

Cory’s Senior Session: The Photos

Cory with saguaros and the Catalina mountains behind him.

Cory laughing during his senior session

Surrounded by cactus during Cory's senior session

Cory at the beginning of his session with a giant saguaro in the distance

Cory leaning against an old dead tree near two lovely saguaros

Cory surrounded by jumping cactus during his senior session

A closer up image of Cory at sunset surrounded by saguaros

Cory laughing at sunset at Sabino Canyon

Cory at sunset at Sabino Canyon

Sunsets and saguaros at Sabino Canyon

Giant saguaros at his back, Cory laughs

Surrounded by saguaros during his senior session at Sabino Canyon

Cory looking off into the distance at Sabino Canyon

Cory sitting on the ground with the Catalina mountains behind him

Cory with the Catalina mountains behind him

The saguaros at Sabino Canyon with Cory in front

Sunset at Sabino Canyon with Cory looking off into the sunset, his one and only requested pose

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