Mermaids in the Desert

Mermaid photoshoot with Wiesbaden photographer Belle Vie Photography

The Session: Luna + Saya Mermaids

From time to time I love collaborating with local businesses and artists. Not only does it get my creative juices flowing, but it helps me meet new people in the community and build relationships with other small business owners. I was thrilled when Marina of Luna + Saya wanted to collaborate for her summer ’19 line. The line featured shells, pastels, and shimmering mermaid styles. Since it was summer in Tucson, and the earrings were mermaid themed, we knew we wanted a water shoot with mermaids.

We eventually found a breathtaking space. The home had a pool as well as a stunning back yard filled with plants and trees, a macrame hammock sitting alongside the shimmering cool, pool, and nearby tree adorned with a chandelier. Although it was hot outside, I wanted to save the water photos for sunset light. So we began by using the unique features of the backyard. Our first model wore a stunning, green sequin gown that was a perfect fit for our mermaid theme. Our second model wore a gorgeous, flowing, blue chiffon gown.

Although I didn’t want to end the photos with the glamorous gowns, the sun was setting quickly. I needed to begin the water portion of our shoot before our light was gone. Sophia let me adorn her breasts and temples with gold foil for a shimmery and sexy mermaid feel. We picked the most stunning, mermaid-style earrings and I got to shooting. Sophia was a trooper, because the water was cold. I know, because I was in the water with her shooting. Although it was cold, and we lost light faster than I had planned, the images turned out gorgeous.

We ended the shoot with some warm, glowy, post-sunset photos featuring earrings with a shimmery coating that caught the sunlight. It was a perfect ending to an incredible shoot with an amazing Tucson creative.

The Photos…

Sequins and seashells for this summer photoshoot with Luna + Saya

Sophia is brilliant in blue with her sun and moon earrings by Luna + Saya

An old hammock revived for the photoshoot.

Sophia wearing gorgeous white clay earrings with rhinestones created by Luna + Saya

You can't have a mermaid photoshoot without a rainbow.

Sophia looks gorgeous in blue with her white, rhinestone earrings.

Who knew a dead saguaro would make for such an amazing prop.

An evening gown, macrame hammock, and a saguaro skeleton...who knew they would look so good together.

A macrame mermaid

An outdoor chandelier creates beautiful ambience for Sophia in her blue gown.

Brilliant pink bougainvillea for a summer photoshoot

A mermaid-themed photoshoot

Beautiful earrings by Luna + Saya jewelry

A mermaid in Tucson photoshoot

Mermaid themed shells for this photoshoot

Shells and stars for this sunset jewelry photoshoot.

Stars and lingerie for this jewelry photoshoot.

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