Alma’s Cake Smash

The birthday girl had a fabulous cake smash session

This sweet little girl had one heck of a cake smash session! Some babies like cake, some babies are afraid of their cake, other babies would rather play with it than eat it, but little Alma, LOVED her cake. It is so much fun watching her thoroughly enjoy her cake. She ate it, played with it, shared it with her parents, shoved it in her mouth, and threw it up in the air. Cake was everywhere and it was delightful!

Alma’s cuteness and playfulness were off the charts, along with her darling attire. Her mom picked out the sweetest outfits. Their coordinating family apparel was colorful and beautifully Southwest, perfect for this Tucson family. For Alma’s cake smash photos, her mom selected a white jumper with a matching fabric party hat. Although many families love a colorful cake smash, my preference is always pale colors and simplicity. Simplicity keeps distractions from the baby down, so the photos focus on baby.

We naturally started the session with family photos. This is a must since cake smash sessions usually end in a sticky, sugar-covered baby and a bath. I also try to take a quick few of just baby and no cake. Alma was a doll for these photos. We used my white antique chair and a beautiful pastel quilt that complimented her outfit. At the beginning of the session she was a bit nervous, so I gave her my newborn fox and unicorn props for comfort. She held onto these throughout the beginning of her session. They were completely forgotten about, however, when mom set her cake down in front of her. It was a lovely naked cake made by her mom. It was simple, elegant, and perfect for this perfect little girl’s first birthday photo session.

Happy Birthday Sweet Alma!

Alma’s Photos…

A little girl and her parents during her cake smash session

Mom and dad love on their little Alma during her first year cake smash session

Little Alma holding onto her fox during her cake smash session

Cute and colorful family photos during a cake smash session

The birthday girl in a chair with her fox and birthday outfit

Alma having fun with a chair in the studio during her cake smash session

Birthday girl on an antique pastel quilt during her birthday studio session

Alma on a quilt with her fox during her cake smash session

A cute closeup of little Alma on the quilt during her studio session

A little girl in a birthday hat and her fox

Alma's cake is beautiful and delicious

Fingers and toes covered in frosting during her birthday cake smash session

The cake is pretty tasty for Alma

The birthday girl is starting to enjoy her cake as she explores it during her cake smash session

Alma's hands on her naked cake during her cake smash session.

Alma is digging in and the cake is quickly crumbling into her mouth and the floor

All hands, and toes, on cake for this cake smash

Lots of cake for Alma during her cake smash session

"Oh, there's some cake I missed over here"

Alma loves her cake, eating it and playing in it

Alma has dug into her cake and it is everywhere, she is having so much fun during her cake smash session

The birthday girl had a fabulous cake smash session

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