A Newborn Session for Ailani

Newborn baby girl Ailani on a backdrop of a floral heart

The Session: Ailani

Baby Ailani was the sweetest baby girl, with the sweetest of family’s. As the first girl with three older brothers, she was absolutely adored. Every photo I took of her with parents and brothers, the love was palpable. We began with photos of her brothers, then her with her brothers. Each took a turn holding her and they were so soft and gentle with her. They all looked at her so sweetly, and a few times she even looked back. They all smiled, there was no crying, and you could tell they were all in love with her.

The one thing her mom asked for prior to the session was something Hawaiian themed. Her name, Ailani, means High Chief in Hawaiian. I don’t like over-the-top setups for newborns, because it detracts from the baby, so I kept it simple with a pineapple and philodendron leaves. Mom brought in some tiny, white shell necklaces, and I gently laid them in front of a crate. For an understated, but feminine accent I added a tan, sequined scarf for Ailani to lay on in the crate. It has since been one of my favorite newborn set-ups.

Since her dad was about to deploy, we decided to bring in his military uniform. To capture the importance of his ribbons and medals, I decided to lay his jacket out atop my backdrop and have Ailani lay on top of it with a simple white bow on her head. As an Air Force veteran myself, I love when parents bring in their military uniforms. There is so much sacrifice that is part of a service-members life, and part of that is missing incredible moments with family. I wanted to capture the love, yet the heartache military parents have to experience balancing duty and family.

The Photos: Ailani

The whole family photographer for Ailani's newborn session

Mom and dad holding their baby girl during her newborn session

Baby girl being held by her three older brothers

Baby Ailani and her three, adoring, older brothers

A Hawaiian theme to represent her name, with palm fronds and seashell necklaces

Baby girl with her pineapple during her newborn session

The daughter of military laying on her dad's Air Force dress jacket.

Baby Ailani cuddled up with her dad's beret before he leaves for deployment

Ailani looks heavenly wrapped in cream with a pale pink pearl velvet bonnet on a bed of cream lambswool

Baby Ailani laying on a lavender and peach floral backdrop with a matching peach floral headband

A beautiful backdrop to match baby A's beautiful rhinestone floral headband

This baby girl looks amazing in a purple wrap and bonnet on a pastel spring quilt

Wearing a pink tutu and headband, she is beautiful and all girl

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