Baby Kaira

Baby Kaira was one of the first babies of 2020. She arrived in the studio just as the COVID lockdowns here in Germany were relaxing. I was still getting my studio unpacked and set-up after our move and many months of not shooting. I’m not sure if it was my nervousness or the crazy energy of 2020, but she was not keen on sleeping during her session. Although most of her images she looks peacefully asleep, it took some work and fast shooting. Check out the last photo below.

We had a good session though. She was small and had the most adorable tiny features. From her toes to her nose she was just darling. I added a few feminine pops of color during our first set-up with a turquoise backdrop and matching pastel headband and leg warmers. I stayed with the same backdrop and wrapped her in a turquoise sequined wrap and matching mohair bonnet. Although blue, I loved the contrast with her beautiful skin and the feminine of the flower pattern and sequins.

Our next set was in a basket with an antique quilt layer and pink knitted layer underneath her. I played with some flowers in first photo and opted against, but ended up loving them while editing. Now I just appreciate the variety. Her parents brought a German license plate with her name on it to incorporate into the session. While still in the basket I changed the knitted layer and added the license plate. I changed her wrap and tieback as well for a different look since she was still in the basket.

Next were flokati poses and potato sack pose. Potato sack is perfect for hats and props, and she donned two cute ones. We finished her session with loving parent poses.

Baby Kaira: The Photos

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