Christina’s Spring Maternity Session

Bad Homburg maternity session at Schlosspark Bad Homburg

With spring not too far off, I wanted to start sharing some of my gorgeous spring 2021 sessions. One of my first was Christina’s spring maternity session. We scheduled when she was around 30 weeks pregnant and nicely fitting into one of my green velvet maternity gowns. This gown couldn’t have been more perfect for our morning session at a nearby castle park. Although we shot the session a little later in the morning, the blossom covered trees created a magical filter. The park was brilliant with spring greens, pink blooms, and white petals as far as the eye could see. I took advantage of as many flowers as I could posing Christina in grassy daffodil patches, under flower trees, in front of the pink blooms…anything I could find.

Parks can sometimes be challenging to shoot in battling bright sun and shadows, but these trees covered in colorful blossoms created light that was breathtaking. We started by capturing Christina with the castle and gardens, then walked to a nearby field where every tree was covered in white petals. The park with its castle backdrop, meandering paths, and floral abundance creates an elegant atmosphere for stunning maternity photos. Although this park has a lake, I did not use it for her photos. The sun was unfortunately too high and bright for the lake to make a nice backdrop. I wanted to create something special and different however, so for her last photo I created a composite. It still ties in the daffodils from the rest of her session.

I look forward to the changes the park will see over the next couple of months. It won’t be long before it’s ready for more lovely spring sessions amongst the flowers.

Christina’s Spring Maternity Session: The Photos

Christina's spring maternity session in Bad Homburg
Schloss Bad Homburg filled with spring blossoms
Spring greens for this maternity session with Wiesbaden maternity photographer
Schloss Bad Homburg in the background of this beautiful spring maternity session
Bad Homburg maternity photographer at Schloss Bad Homburg
Pink blossoms on this beautiful tree during Christina's spring maternity session
The greens, pinks, and yellows of spring brilliant surrounding Christina during her Bad Homburg maternity session at Schloss Bad Homburg
Spring trees covered in white blossoms create a beautiful backdrop for this Bad Homburg maternity session
Christina looking breathtaking in her green velvet maternity gown for her session with Frankfurt maternity photographer
Christina looks beautiful against the brilliant whites of the blossoming tree behind her
Christina's stunning maternity session at Schlosspark Bad Homburg
Christina posed in her green velvet gown under the spring blossoms in the early morning light.
The incredible blossoms create a magical spring canopy for Christina during her maternity session.
Spring will soon be upon us and we will have the opportunity to capture more beautiful spring sessions like Christina's.
An artistic rendering of Christina during her maternity session with a lake in the background.

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