Baby Amelia

Newborn baby Amelia, celebrating her and her parents' in-virtro journey

At the beginning of 2020 I photographed Adrianne’s maternity session. Amelia was a pandemic baby and born during Arizona’s lockdown, so she couldn’t visit my studio after her birth. Thankfully, her mom and dad were able to bring her in when she was about 1-month old. She was a beautiful and sweet baby, but wasn’t fond of being unsaddled. I kept her wrapped through most of the session to keep her comfortable and sleepy.

Although I didn’t realize it when planning Amelia’s session, there was an overarching rainbow theme. I had planned to use a rainbow wrap to represent the joy of her birth during the pandemic. When I placed the wrap above her head during the session, her mom told me it was perfect, because she was an in-vitro baby. So I went with the rainbow theme adding a rainbow headband to some of the photos, and I photoshopped her into a rainbow backdrop representing the in-vitro journey.

Her session went beautifully. I captured her on a variety of backdrops, real and digital, simple and playful. We began with her wrapped on a green backdrop, a rainbow over her head. These are my favorites, because of her smiles while posing. My next setup was Amelia on a flokati, followed by her in a little bed. Parent poses followed after a feeding break. Feeding breaks give me an opportunity to change setups and outfits. I generally unwrap babies during feeding breaks so they can stretch, eat, be comforted by mom or dad, and get a diaper change. We finished the session with floral setups, since it was spring, using real tulips, some faux lavender, and a vintage floral backdrop. I love using elements of nature in newborn photos, because I feel it brings life and connection to the image.

Baby Amelia: The Photos

Amelia under a rainbow representing both her birth during the pandemic and her in-vitro journey.

Beautiful baby Amelia in a giant white felt flower

Mom, Dad, and baby Amelia snuggle together

Dad nuzzles his newborn daughter Amelia during her newborn session

Dad with his new little girl Amelia

Baby Amelia in a bucket with fresh tulips and a green beret

Newborn baby girl in lavender wraps on a pink floral backdrop with lavender sprigs

Newborn baby Amelia wrapped in a lavender wrap in a wooden crate with lavender fur on a pink floral backdrop

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