A Forest Spring Maternity

A fairytale forest spring session for Tabitha near Bad Homburg

It’s officially SPRING! To start this beautiful season of re-birth and beauty, I’m sharing a maternity session from last spring. Beautiful Tabitha’s forest spring maternity session. It was a cold morning, but sunlight provided a warm glow that was breathtaking! New buds had just started unfurling on the trees, and the tiny leaves looked like brilliant green twinkle lights as the sun shone through. The forest floor was still covered with fall leaves, but bright green moss covered trees coordinate with the new leaves growing above. I chose my sequined see-through maternity gown, which gorgeously complemented the session.

We made our way down the hill to another location that was even more beautiful than the first. A carpet of green leaves dotted with white clovers covered much of the forest floor. The image above captures Tabitha amongst them with the spring trees. That location had incredible light and I shot through leaves on a few images to create a magical forest feel. Unfortunately the ambient temperature was still freezing so Tabitha and I headed to our last location before she froze.

Our final location was near a lake. There was a single tree that still had branches covered in white spring blooms. Behind her was a lake with a luminous weeping willow nearby. Tabitha wore my cream ball gown style maternity dress. Standing below the white blooms with the brilliant green willow, wandering geese, and lake fountain in the background she looked like she was in a fairytale. The sun was getting high and the wind off the lake made the cold colder so we didn’t stay long. For variety and a pop of spring color I added pink to a couple of images in post-processing. It was a beautiful session and I’m thrilled spring is here again!

A Forest Spring Maternity: The Photos

A maternity session in the forest by Frankfurt maternity photographer

The warm sun on a cold spring day was a blessing for Tabitha

Spring maternity session in the forest by Wiesbaden maternity photographer

Tabitha's spring forest maternity session by Wiesbaden maternity photographer

A beautiful spring session in the forest by Kaiserslautern maternity photographer

Ramstein maternity photographer captures a magical spring forest session near Frankfurt

A breathtaking spring maternity session for Tabitha

Tabitha amongst the tall trees of the Hartwald during her maternity session near Frankfurt

This gorgeous sequined dress is part of the Belle Vie Photography client closet.

Spring greens and sunlight for this spring maternity session

New tree leaves make a gorgeous filter for this spring maternity session by Frankfurt maternity photographer

Bad Homburg maternity photographer captures this lovely maternity session by the lake at the Kurpark

This stunning gown is part of the Belle Vie Photographer client closet.

Spring petals for this spring maternity session

Frankfurt maternity photographer captures a gorgeous spring maternity session in Bad Homburg

The change of white to pink creates a little fairytale magic during Tabitha's spring maternity session

Spring blooms and a weeping willow creates a magical ambience for Tabitha's spring maternity session.

Creams and spring greens are in abundance during this spring maternity session by Wiesbaden maternity photographer

Tabitha is breathtaking in these sexy and glamorous maternity images.

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