The ‘O’ Family at Mosburg

The 'O' family at Mosburg castle at Schlosspark Biebrich

The ‘O’ family found me just after I moved to Germany during the fall of 2020. I didn’t know much about the area as we hadn’t even received our cars yet, but they recommended this location. Schloss Biebrich is a gorgeous park in southern Wiesbaden on the Rhein river. On the southern end of the park is Biebrich Palace, which overlooks the river. On the north end is Mosburg, a small castle. Although it has been under work since I arrived, it still makes for a gorgeous backdrop. It has a definite European feel, while being close to Wiesbaden and easily accessible.

When the family first arrived their baby was asleep so I suggested we begin with couple’s photos. It was mid-November so there were still some lovely fall leaves on the trees and littering the grass. She wore a stunning sequined gown with a flowing skirt that was an incredible compliment to the castle background. The couple’s photos turned out beautifully and I have loved sharing them. As their baby woke we walked to the other side of the castle to capture another angle and the nearby lake as well.

They had also brought their sweet dog who had been in their family a long time. Both she and their baby were dressed up for Christmas in the most darling outfits of red, plaid, velvet, and sparkles. The family photos turned out perfectly sweet for the holidays. I added some Christmas lights on the background trees for an added holiday feel. It wasn’t the warmest day so we kept the session relatively short for baby and puppy. I photographed them walking along a nearby path with the lake behind them, and we concluded their session on a small bridge. The ‘O’ Family session turned out simply lovely.

The ‘O’ Family at Mosburg: Photos

Romantic couple's photos at the castle
Loving gazes at Mosburg
Mosburg castle makes for a romantic backdrop for couple's photos
Her sequined dress was a stunning match for the 'o' family photos at Mosburg.
A romantic kiss in front of a German castle
Castles and cuddles
A holiday feel for the 'o' family
The 'o' family at Mosburg, mom, dad, baby, and puppy.
Kisses for the little on at Mosburg
A darling girl dressed up for holiday photos at Schlosspark Biebrich
In holiday style, the 'o' family at Mosburg.
Lots of love at Schlosspark Biebrich
The trail in front of Mosburg at Schlosspark Biebrich has a beautiful view of the lake.
Love and fall at Biebrich
Kisses for baby by Mosburg
'Falling' for you, at Mosburg castle
The 'o' Family with the Schlosspark Biebrich lake in the background.

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