Brooke’s Urban Maternity

Tucson is a unique city filled with life, history and color. Although it’s small, it’s filled with art, flowers, lights and endless unique qualities. These qualities make it a gorgeous location for photoshoots. It can be especially beautiful in the spring when the palo verde trees bloom. Around April these trees are covered in a dense blanket of tiny yellow flowers. This is the perfect time for photos in downtown Tucson. Miss Brooke decided to have an urban maternity session downtown to capture some of the yellow blooms. During her session we found quite a few other little spots filled with blooms as well.

The day of her session was a typical Tucson spring day, sunny with temperatures in the low-80’s. We met in the evening close to sunset at the train station near Maynard’s Market. Brooke chose to wear my blue velvet Sansa gown. Not necessarily the perfect dress for spring, but a beautiful complement to the yellow palo verde blossoms. We began our session in front of the train station where the palo verdes were most prominent. A slight breeze produced a slow shower of brilliant blossoms floating to the ground around Brooke, and she looked mesmerizing.

Our session was short, but we captured tons of images in a short distance. From dark and colorful underpasses to the vivid reds, pinks and whites of towering Hollyhock flowers. Most noteworthy were one-of-a-kind Tucson treasures, such as Hotel Congress and graffiti walls from local artists. If I could photograph more of my sessions in downtown Tucson, then I would be a very happy photographer. Spring in the Old Pueblo brought a touch of charming elegance to Brooke’s urban maternity session. Flowers, artwork, and Tucson landmarks created a dream session.

A beautiful spring maternity session in downtown Tucson
Urban maternity session at its finest in downtown Tucson with falling palo verde blossoms
A maternity session in downtown Tucson in front of Hotel Congress
A beautiful urban maternity session near a fence covered in orange blooms
An urban maternity session near a vine covered fence
Downtown Tucson maternity session during spring when it's covered in palo verde blooms
An urban maternity session in downtown Tucson with Hotel Congress and an art wall
A maternity session in downtown Tucson featuring brilliant hollyhocks
A Tucson maternity session my client was starry-eyed over
An urban maternity session featuring the colorful lights of an underpass
Near the Playground in Tucson, an urban maternity session
More maternity session shots in front of Tucson's Playground bar
A flower-covered wall needs a little sunlight and rainbows when found in Tucson during an urban maternity session

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