Megan’s Headshot Session in Tucson

The Introduction

I met Megan through a local women’s group a couple of years ago. We both attended a cocktail event in downtown Tucson and have followed each other on social media since. Her posts are always filled with travel to amazing places and delicious looking exotic foods. I’m always left hungry and desperately wanting to leave the country after seeing her photos. Our first meeting was pleasant, so when she contacted me about headshots I was thrilled. She was looking for photos to use on her blog that highlight her love of travel and passion for food. For Megan’s headshot session we chose downtown Tucson, because its urban vibe matched the feel of her blog.

The Session

We met at Tucson’s Historic Train Depot, one of my favorite downtown locations. The depot building is especially breathtaking in the spring as Palo Verde trees line the walkway and deliver a spectacular show of brilliant yellow blossoms each year. The day of her session was Cinco de Mayo, and as you can imagine, Cinco de Mayo in Tucson is a popular day to be out and partying. Although people were partying en masse that evening, Megan and I managed to avoid the crowds for some neat photos.

We began our session on the backside of the depot utilizing some gorgeous architectural features of the surrounding buildings. We spent most of our time at the historic depot building except for a couple of quick dashes to neighboring streets. Although our session was short, we mad the best of it quickly moving from one spot to another. I love shooting in Tucson, because there are so many beautiful locations a short distance from one another.

Megan’s headshot session finished with Tucson’s iconic Hotel Congress and the Rialto Theater.

Megan during her headshot session near Maynard's Market in Tucson

Megan during her headshot session at a historic Tucson location

Megan during her headshot session at one of Tucson's beautiful mural walls

Taking advantage of spring in Tucson at the historic Tucson train depot

Megan at the historic Tucson train depot

Beautiful architecture at the historic train depot in downtown Tucson

A beautiful wall of green in downtown Tucson

Megan on the streets of Tucson during her headshot session

Megan near Maynard's Market during her photo session

Megan near Hotel Congress during her headshot session

Blossoming Palo Verde trees in downtown Tucson during spring and Megan during her headshot session

A fun pose for Megan during her headshot session with the Rialto Theater in downtown Tucson in the background

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