Back-To-School Pandemic-Style

Sitting in front of her home for back-to-school photos

It’s back-to-school time here in Germany. Although I homeschool, my son takes a few classes at our local school so I’m in the mood to post some back-to school photos! I photographed this session last year in Arizona. Sadly our COVID world has not changed and our children are still attending school in masks. Nevertheless, this sweet girl rocked her session and looks FAB in her Cowboys mask.

This was one of three sessions I photographed for her wonderful family. The first was a newborn session for her little sister followed by this back-to-school session. Our last session was a gorgeous family session just before I moved to Germany. This was a short back-to-school mini session. I photographed it in front of their family home. My only intention was to make her feel comfortable and capture some of her personality. Mini-sessions are difficult at times because it takes time for some people and children to be at ease. Although selfies are the norm these days, being on the focusing end of a professional camera while a stranger photographs you can be scary.

It took a little bit for her to feel comfortable, but we captured some fun images, a few smiles, and some glimpses of her personality. She chose her cute and casual outfit, her colorful hair couldn’t have been more darling, and her Cowboys mask paid tribute to her family’s love of the Dallas Cowboys. Starting school is nerve-wracking enough, but last year children were returning in the midst of a pandemic. My goal was to capture her at ease in a place that was comforting. I kept her poses simple, standing, crouching, and sitting, and I shot with the front door behind her. The session was lovely and I hope they will cherish these photos always.

The Photos

Ready for back-to-school with gorgeous hair and backpack packed

Ready to start school

Last summer moments at home before a new school year

Looking cute, comfortable, and ready for back-to-school

Back-to-school with facemasks looks a bit different this COVID year

A fun mask support her favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys

Back-to-school smiles

Casual back-to-school

Backpack is ready, time for back-to-school

Last few days of the comforts of home before back-to-school.

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