Baby Aari at Three Months

Milestone sessions are always some of my sweetest sessions. Babies, no matter what age or temperament, are just plain precious. Baby Aari was no different. At three months old she was full of smiles. Milestone sessions usually only last about 30-minutes, because awake babies don’t have the stamina or patience to deal with a long photoshoot. In that 30-minutes I try for two to three different set-ups and various props to provide my clients variety.

Three-month old babies are wonderful, but can be a bit of a challenge. Milestone sessions capture their awake personality, unlike a newborn session, and they are much stronger than a newborn, but have little muscle control so posing isn’t an option. My go-to poses for three-month olds are tummy and back. Tummy-time plays an important role in baby development and most parents actively work on it with their babies. Most babies are familiar with it, but not all like it.

Baby Aari was thankfully a good sport about it. She was curious about me and my snapping camera, and I was able to keep her attention through most of the blanket poses. When she became a bit fussy on her tummy I carried her to the floor for back poses. She was all smiles once on her back, and we kept the smiles coming throughout the end of the session. She watched me, her grandma and aunt, and of course my giant flashing light.

Her session was quick, but fast-paced and I captured a lot of cute shots. From her belly to her back, her many smiles and darling faces were undeniably precious. She did exceptionally well for a young baby, and I was grateful to meet her and capture so much of her sweet and charming baby-personality.

Baby Aari during her three-month milestone session in a glittery unicorn headband.

Baby Aari was full of precious and faces and personality.

A beautiful baby in purple during her three-month milestone session.

This three-month old little girl was a kick to photograph during her milestone session.

Yellow and teal were beautiful colors for baby Aari during her three-month milestone session.

This baby girl was brimming with personality during her three-month milestone session.

Baby Aari in a beautiful color combination of mustard and dark pink during her milestone photoshoot.

Baby Aari finished her milestone session with a darling overall dress on a spring quilt.

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