A Colorful Cake Smash for Miss H

Miss H on a flokati during her cake smash session.

Cake smash sessions are always fun, especially for me who LOVES color. When I was first approached by Miss H’s mom, my first question was about the theme of the session. All she asked for was something to match a onesie she bought for Miss H. Matching colors can be very tricky with online photos. My first thought was balloons. I ordered several packages of different types of balloons in brights and pastels, just in case the colors varied.

I then decided to add in flowers since there were flowers on her onesie. Had I been in the US I would have headed directly to Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately I haven’t found a similar store in Germany. So, I went to Ikea. Ikea had a decent variety so I bought a different flower in every color to match the onesie. Unfortunately, the flower colors did not match the balloons or the cake so the flower idea was scrapped. Her balloon garland started as a rainbow but fell overnight and turned into a color balloon mass.

Nevertheless, I love how the session turned out. The first shots of a cake smash always focus on just baby. For these I used my small round flokati and a small chair. I added in confetti I made of crepe paper streamers to add another pop of color. Which was great as it tied into the confetti balloons. The balloons came together, the props turned out well, and her cake was a dream! Made by a local baker who is a wizard with her buttercream cakes. And the best part, Miss H loved her cake. She dug in, smashed, ate, and seemed to have a wonderful time doing so. Miss H had a great time during her session and I had a wonderful time shooting it.

Colorful Cake Smash for Miss H: The Photos

A soft flokati is always fun for babies.
Miss H was so darling!
She did well sitting on a chair.
Confetti was added the pop of color I wanted.
She had fun playing with the confetti
Miss H during her cake smash session with Frankfurt cake smash photographer
A gorgeous cake by a very talented baker.
Thankfully she enjoyed her cake
She dug right into her cake and started eating.
Mom brought matching birthday tutu and onesie for her session.
I captured a lot of shots of her loving her cake.
Baby cake eating photos are the cutest
Miss H during her cake smash session with Wiesbaden cake smash photographer
The cake was a beautiful match for her outfits
She didn't mind looking away from her cake, every now and then.
A happy birthday girl with delicious cake.
I love capturing babies shoving cake into their mouth.
One of my favorite cake smash sessions.
She really loved the confetti.

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