Blooms & Breezes

The lovely Brooks family booked a spring session in downtown Wiesbaden. In typical spring fashion, the forecasted warm day was actually cold and stormy. We began their session in front of the famous Marktkirche. This beautiful structure is often a staple for clients looking for a true piece of Wiesbaden in their photos. Although the weather was not the warm and sunny day we were expecting, the clouds created a beautiful and dramatic backdrop as we wandered through the Marktplatz capturing photos at the Marktbrunnen and Kurhaus.

The nearby Warmerdamm is a rainbow of color in March and April, and did not disappoint during their session. I used every bit of color we could find in the park. I also used the wind to our advantage. Their oldest daughter’s birthday was close to the session, so I made sure to capture some more mature photos of her in her beautiful dress. We used a blanket mom and dad had brought to warm the littles, and I think the photos of them together are just adorable. The kids played a bit during the session to warm up before we walked to the Kurhaus.

The Kurhaus, even for a cold day, was a hubbub of activity. Cars, events, and people galore. I try to photoshop as much as I can from images, but some of it requires a huge time investment. I removed the most distracting people and cars. My goal was to focus on the gorgeous, stormy skies and the closeness of the family. Everyone was getting cold so after a few walking poses and individual photos of their son and youngest daughter, we finished with couples photos. Even though cold, the beauty of the day and the spring blooms prevailed and we captured a breathtaking session.

The Photos: Brooks Family

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