Olivia Class of 2018 at U of A

Miss {O} Class of 2018

Senior Portraits at the University of Arizona

This spring I met a wonderful young woman named Olivia, whose mom booked me for her senior portraits. We first met at a coffee shop and spent over an hour chatting about clothing and locations. We scheduled her session for a spring afternoon that turned out to be sunny and pleasantly warm. She chose the University of Arizona, because of it’s wide array of backdrop opportunities.

We started in front of Old Main with Olivia in her cap and gown. It’s royal blue color in beautiful contrast to the building’s red, brick exterior and the surrounding green. While at Old Main we made sure to take advantage of the campus’ gorgeous flowers that adorned the main fountain. We also had a little fun with glitter.

Our next stop was the orange grove. This is a popular location for senior photos, but this spot has a prime season and spring is not it. We made the best of it, however, and captured some beautiful photos of Olivia in a pale pink denim outfit highlighted by pale floral. The pale warm colors gorgeously accented her blonde hair and creamy skin tones.

While in that outfit her mom requested a photo of her posed on her belly with her chin resting on her hands. She was thrilled to have it as it matched a photo of Olivia as a child.

Our next stop wasn’t far from the orange grove. One of the dormitory buildings was flanked by brilliant yellow flowering trees, which perfectly complemented her Arizona State University t-shirt, her chosen college. We had to wait a little while to shoot, because the sun was still a little bright, but I was thrilled with how the images turned out.

After this we were in a race to get back to Old Main before we completely lost the sun. Olivia managed to change outfits underneath a staircase while retaining her gorgeous hair and make-up, and we made it back in time to capture one of Tucson’s one-in-a-million sunsets.

Although this was the last of this session, Olivia had a second senior session photoshoot. Stay tuned for Olivia’s session part 2.

Olivia stands amongst the saguaros near Old Main at the University of Arizona campus in her cap and gown during her senior portrait sessionHigh school senior Olivia stands on the steps of the University of Arizona Old Main building in her cap and gownHigh school senior Olivia sits amongst the spring flowers at the University of Arizona during her senior portrait sessionHigh school senior Olivia replicates a childhood photo by laying on her belly and resting her chin on her hands during her senior portrait session at the University of Arizona

Miss Olivia stands proudly wearing her Arizona State University t-shirt during her senior portrait sessionHigh school senior, Olivia, enjoys the Arizona sunshine and proudly wears her future college's t-shirtHigh school senior, Olivia, proudly wears her Arizona State University t-shirt while casually posing on campus during her senior portrait sessionOlivia glamorously stands in front of the Old Main building at the University of Arizona with a glorious sunset and tall flowers framing her during her senior portrait session

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