Maternity Session for Evie at Schlosspark Bad Homburg

Evie during her spring maternity session at Schlosspark Bad Homburg

Another spring maternity session to add to the blog. This one was shot last year in May. Late April to the beginning of May is a beautiful time for lilacs and rhododendrons. Evie had her breathtaking session at Schlosspark Bad Homburg where these gorgeous flowers were the highlight. Although there’s a chill in the air most days and the weather is unpredictable, spring has become my favorite season to shoot.

We began our session in front of the castle with Evie in my red, sequined maternity gown. The sun was high and bright, however, so I decided to move us where we would get a bit more sun cover. I found a path of lilacs and knew it was perfect. Evie changed into my blue velvet client gown and I started snapping. The blue was perfect against the lilacs and ground cover of yellow daisies. We shot in the lilacs, against the lilacs, Evie sniffing the lilacs…I won’t be posting those, but tons of wonderful images.

As the clouds were rolling in I wanted to use the nearby rhododendrons before our session ended rain. These flowers were an especially perfect match for the blue butterfly headband I brought to accessorize the velvet dress. Evie was a natural in the flowers as soon as I asked her to fake laugh. My favorite images from the session were her laughing at our attempts at fake laughing.

As we were leaving I noticed the church across from the park had a beautiful presentation of flowers in front. Of course by this time the clouds had rolled out and we had semi-clear skies so I asked Evie if she was up for a few more. It was windy, but it added to the images and she looked beautiful.

The Images: Evie at Schlosspark Bad Homburg

Evie amongst the lilacs and daisies

Looking beautiful in her blue velvet gown amongst the lilacs and daisies

The Schlosspark was teaming with flowers and color for Evie's maternity session

Evie amongst the lilac bushes

Evie was breathtaking amongst the lilac bushes

Evie in the middle of a circular garden at Schlosspark bad homburg

The trees were magical next to the path with just a touch of sunlight shining through

Evie during her maternity session under spring trees with white blooms

Evie amongst the rhododendrons

A beautiful smile as Evie poses amongst the rhododendrons

a cute butterfly headband for Evie to match her blue velvet gown

Evie in front of the nearby church, a background of spring tulips swaying in the breeze behind her

Evie at the castle and church

Spring tulips in white and red are a perfect complement to her red dress

Evie in one of my red maternity gowns with the red flowers of spring

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