the Marquart Family

The Marquart family came to me for photos to be featured in their church magazine. We chose Sabino Canyon for their session, because of the desert backdrop and beautiful mountain views. It was a chilly spring evening, but the desert backdrop did not disappoint.

The sun was bright and the light was warm. It was a little breezy, but shooting amongst the large saguaros like we did provided a bit of reprieve from the chill. As the session was shorter, my focus was photographing the different dynamics of their family. Mom and dad with each daughter and both the girls, the whole family, each daughter with both parents, etc.

I think it’s important to capture as much of a family’s dynamics and the unique interactions of each during my family sessions. It’s sometimes difficult, however, to capture the beautiful interactions between a parent and child as they get older. Children and teens start wanting their independence and cute kissing photos with mom and dad aren’t so cool any longer. The Marquart family, however, was full of love.

Hugs, kisses and laughter was in abundance during their session. They chatted and laughed, cuddled and smiled, and all held each other close during each set of photos. This was especially helpful after the sun set and the wind picked up even more. They took it all in stride and were patient with me as I wandered them here and there throughout the saguaros, prickly pears and jumping cactus.

We ended our session with one final family photo just after the sun had set. They stood facing the sunset. To their backs, beautiful orange and pink hues blanketed the majestic Catalina Mountains that jutted into pastel Tucson skies. The Marquart’s were flanked by saguaros and the abundant desert beauty of Sabino Canyon.

Sunset at Sabino Canyon during the Marquart family's photo session
Mom and daughters get cozy during their family photo session
The Marquart ladies during their family photo session at Sabino Canyon
The Marquart girls with their dad during their family photo session
Mom and dad and their youngest daughter at Sabino Canyon
Mom and dad and their oldest daughter at Sabino Canyon
The Marquart sisters during their desert family photo session
Sisterly hug during their family photo session with Belle Vie Photography at Sabino Canyon
The Marquart family flanked by saguaros at Sabino Canyon in Tucson
The Marquart family with the Catalina Mountains at their backs during their sunset family session at Sabino Canyon with Belle Vie Photography

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