Fruit Bath for Felix

Photography sessions during summer in Tucson are few and far between. It’s hot, it’s dry, and sunset is very late in the evenings making sunset sessions a little less than optimal, especially for families with young children. One thing that makes Tucson summers bearable is water. Last year I started offering fruit bath sessions. These sessions are for babies and include a short dip in cool water filled with fruit. Some babies love them, others aren’t so thrilled with the water, but all love the fruit.

Little Felix was one of the little ones who loved his fruit bath session. We chose to do his session at Agua Caliente Park in the Catalina Foothills. His parents chose oranges and lemons for his bath, so I wanted to find a location in the park that would compliment the fruit. Although the heat had already done a number on the plants at the park, a few lantana were holding on. I found a small spot with orange and yellow lantana that perfect matched the fruit.

The water I brought for the tub, having come from an outdoor hose, was a bit chilly. Some babies love it in the summer heat, while others really dislike it. Little Felix balked at first, but the fruit caught his attention. It took him a bit before he was comfortable sitting in the water. His mom patiently coaxed him while sweetly feeding him bits of fruit, and soon he sat in the tub. He played with the fruit, played with the flowers, had bites of the fruit here and there, and gave the most darling smiles to his mom and dad. It was a doubly sweet session, and Felix was a peach! Hmmm…peaches would make a nice addition for sessions.

Baby Felix sitting in a cool fruit bath filled with fruit
Lots of flowers and fruit to explore during his fruit bath session
A fruit bath session was a very good time for baby Felix
Baby Felix stares at the camera during his fruit bath session
More flowers to play with for Felix during his fruit bath session
An adorable baby smile during a hot summer fruit bath session
The lantana and fruit matched during his fruit bath session
The flowers were fun and the fruit was tasty for Felix
Felix loved playing with the fruit
Felix had a wonderful time playing with the fruit and flowers during his fruit bath session
The oranges were Felix's favorite during his fruit bath session
It was playtime during this little one's fruit bath photo session
Baby Felix was so happy and was not ready to get out of his fruit bath by the end of our session

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