Newborn Sleeping Beauty

Variety is my goal for newborn sessions. From blanket poses to bucket poses, wrapped to parent poses, not to mention a plethora of props. To get this variety a sleepy baby is a must. When a baby fights sleep, I do whatever I can to soothe them and get them back to sleep. Some babies cannot be soothed no matter what I try so I turn to wrapping. The wrap is a fancy swaddle that helps them feel like they are once again in the womb. Most fall asleep shortly after wrapping and stay calm throughout their session.

This sweet girl was a newborn who needed a lot of soothing. I began with naked blanket poses. I had an array of pink and peach fabrics, along with a multitude of tiebacks and hats that I was excited to shoot on her. Unfortunately, she was not thrilled about being posed. I tried her on her side, her tummy, and her back. Although she was most comfortable on her side, she never quite settled. My next trick was wrapping, which did the trick. She calmed and slept well. However, her mom wanted one pose above all others and that was on her tummy naked.

Unfortunately her tummy was the one position she fought me on. It took a bit of time and a lot of soothing, but I managed to capture one image of her. We finished with an attempt at her in a bucket next to some lilacs. I say attempt, because each time I tried to remove her pacifier she was very unhappy. So I did what any Photoshop loving photographer would do and Photoshopped her pacifier out. It worked like a charm. Although she wasn’t a sleepy baby, she was beautiful while sleeping.

A beautiful floral backdrop this little lady's mom picked for her gallery.

A newborn baby girl smiling during her newborn session.

A newborn baby girl on a white floral fabric backdrop with a pearl and floral tieback.

A sleeping beauty during her newborn session. The wrap helped her calm and stay asleep during her session.

A short, but sweet, pose for this little beauty during her newborn session with Belle Vie Photography in Tucson.

I used a variety of wraps and headbands during her session for some added variety since we were limited with backdrops.

We didn't get a lot of sleep out of this little gal, but this sleeping beauty was certainly beautiful sleeping.

Baby girl in a bucket during her newborn session, surrounded by pretty floral fabrics and lilacs.

A tribute to her military father, a red, white and blue floral themed backdrop for this sleeping beauty.

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