Desert Boho Collaborative Photoshoot

Bohemian Desert Vibes

A Tucson Business Collaborative Photoshoot

Tucson has a wonderful small business community. Coupled with its unique southwest style, there is always potential for business growth through art. For this reason I decided to create a styled photoshoot featuring local Tucson businesses. I chose a vintage desert bohemian theme to accentuate the beautiful colors of the desert we live in. Several local businesses, artists and bloggers joined in the fun to have their products featured and model in the shoot.

The Businesses

The first of our Tucson businesses was Midtown Merchants Mercantile. Midtown Merchants Mercantile is the largest antique marketplace in Tucson. It features vintage goods uniquely styled throughout to showcase various eras. Together with beautiful new goods, these treasures from the past pique interest and revive memories. The mercantile is filled with decor, clothing, timeless trinkets and even toys. I love to meander through the cute displays hunting for gorgeous goods from years gone by.

Our second collaborator was Woops! bakery. Woops! specializes in macarons in a rainbow of flavors such as blueberry cheesecake, honey lavender, rose, nutella, caramel fleur del sal and raspberry. The bakery also serves mouth-watering artisanal pastries, coffee and espresso. The shop itself is like stepping into a Parisian cafe with round tile-topped tables topped with flower bouquets, not to mention their beautiful displays of tantalizing edible creations. It was a fun and delicious treat getting to photograph these gorgeous delectables.

Third on our list of amazing businesses was Marina, a local jewelry designer and owner of Luna + Saya. Formerly knowns as Gnarly Knacks, she began her jewelry business by creating miniature polymer food creations for the ears. During the last year she has blossomed into a breathtaking designer. Her ever-growing line of desert-mod earrings are colorful, fun and inspired by her life. Marina has cultivated Luna + Saya to become one of Tucson’s favorite local jewelers.

Our fourth business was Selah and Bloom, owned by local artist Kelsi Somers. Kelsi creates hand-lettered works of art on canvas and wood. From hand-painted wooden signs with names and quotes, to beautiful watercolor paintings, Kelsi’s designs are breathtakingly beautiful. She designed a gorgeous wooden sign specifically for our shoot with the quote, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within,” by Maya Angelou.

The Shoot

Helping feature these vendors were four lovely local bloggers, Sophia, Natalie, Brooke and Mandy. They were dressed in bohemian attired styled by Hannah of TnT Vintage & Thrift Shop. Together with earrings by Luna + Saya, and floral crowns I made, they looked like desert goddesses.

The shoot took place in a desert location west of downtown Tucson. Although it was a warm late July day, monsoon storms rolled in and threatened the shoot. Thankfully, however, thunder, lightning and a few sprinkles were the only thing we experienced. The shoot went beautifully and we had a great time with poses and laughs. We ended the shoot with a short celebration of divine macarons and my favorite bubbly.

Beautiful hand-lettered sign by Kelsi Somers, owner of Selah and Bloom in Tucson with the quote, "Nothing can dim the light that shines from within," by Maya Angelou

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