Sunsets & Saguaros

A Couple’s Session at Sabino Canyon

This lovely couple contacted me about getting couple’s photos just before they moved to Japan. They had never had professional photos taken, and wanted some to remember their time in the desert. They asked for a desert location with cactus, so I knew Sabino Canyon was where we needed to shoot. Sabino Canyon features some of the best views of saguaros and mountains in the Tucson area. Paired with Tucson’s amazing sunsets, and this location is my favorite for desert landscape photos.

The couple was a little nervous at first, as so many people are when they are first in front of my camera, but relaxed quickly. We wandered in and out of the saguaros chatting and shooting. Their love for one another was undeniable, and I had an amazing time capturing it amongst the gorgeous desert scenery. They kissed, laughed, snuggled and enjoyed the cool spring air. They were so easy to photograph, my camera filled up with images faster than I ever expected.

Although I have had many sessions at Sabino Canyon, this was the first couple I photographed in a new location of the park. I immediately fell in love with it, and love bringing new couple’s to this same location. The location boasts not only amazing views of saguaros and mountains, but it offers incredible variety. The saguaros also provide amazing protection from the sun, so I can shoot from bright sun to dark wonderful consistency. The location also shows the grandeur of the desert, which I think pairs beautifully with couples’ sessions, and the grandeur of love.

I have a passion for photographing couples’ sessions, and this session will be one of my favorites. Between my wonderfully sweet clients and the location, this session will always hold a place in my heart.

The Freeman's dance amongst the saguaros at sunset
The Freeman's wander amongst the cactus at Sabino Canyon during their couple's session at Sabino Canyon
The Freeman's cuddle during their sunset couple's session at Sabino Canyon
The Freeman's get close surrounded by saguaros and spring blooms
Sunglight shines through the desert branches as the Freeman's hold one another
Surrounded by giant saguaros, the Freeman's enjoy each other under Tucson's warm spring sun
The Freeman's hold one another as they sit under the saguaros surrounded by the setting sun
With sunlight streaming around them, the Freeman's hold each other closely and enjoy each other's touch
The Freeman's sit wrapped in each other's arms surrounded by cacti and sunlight during their desert couple's session at Sabino Canyon in Tucson
Enjoying the sunny Tucson evening and holding each other closely, the Freeman's happily smile during their sunset couple's session at Sabino Canyon
The Freeman's kiss and hold another surrounded by tall saguaros as the sun descends behind them at Sabino Canyon
Surrounded by jumping cactus, the Freeman's hold each other as the sun illuminates everything around them to a golden glow
The Freeman's share an intimate moment surrounded by jumping cactus at Sabino Canyon
A timeless kiss in the midst of century-old saguaros during the Freeman's sunset session
A romantic sunset kiss for the Freeman's during their couple's session at Sabino Canyon
The Freeman's hold one another as the giant saguaros behind them make them look tiny
The Santa Catalina mountains glow with the setting sun as the Freeman's hold on another amongst the jumping cactus during their couple's session at Sabino Canyon
Sunset romance, the Freeman's cuddle as one of Tucson's amazing sunsets glows around them
The Freeman's cuddle with the Catalina mountains at their back, a breathtaking sunset above them surrounded by desert fauna
The Freeman's share a last kiss next to a giant saguaro as a breathtaking sunset illuminates the Tucson sky

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