Stacy’s Breastfeeding Session

Stacy and Andie during their breastfeeding session at Saguaro National Park

As a long-time breastfeeding mom and supporter, I offer a complimentary breastfeeding session each year for World Breastfeeding Week. Late last summer I had the pleasure of photographing Stacy and her daughter for a breastfeeding session. We met early in the morning for a sunrise desert session at Saguaro National Park. It was a warm and pleasant summer morning, for Tucson. Stacy arrived in a beautiful orange dress, and her daughter wearing a matching pale floral romper. The two couldn’t have been more darling in their matching outfits.

Golden sunrise light doesn’t last long in the desert. The sun gets strong quickly, especially in the summer, so we didn’t have much time. Thankfully, we had a hungry babe who was ready to eat. I have found that orange can be an incredible color for a desert photo session, because it’s a gorgeous complement to the green of saguaros. My focus for our short session was to capture the wild and harsh beauty of the saguaros, next to the soft beauty of mom and daughter nursing. One spot at Saguaro National Park is perfect for this. Tall green saguaros towered over, and surrounded Stacy. I was thrilled with the results!

In between nursing, we did a little walking and I photographed some sweet, cuddly moments between mom and daughter. We walked to another nearby saguaro grove for a change of background. Since Stacy had come prepared with a blanket, we did some sitting shots as well. We ended with some playful and loving shots between mom and daughter next to a saguaro as the sun rose above the Rincon Mountains. Although our session was short, I couldn’t have been more excited about how the images turned out. I was always have a soft spot in my heart for breastfeeding sessions!

Stacy’s Breastfeeding Session: The Photos

Stacy surrounded by saguaros during her breastfeeding session

Baby girl nursing with mom

Mom and her babe during their breastfeeding session

The beauty of a breastfeeding session melts my heart

A desert sunrise for mom and daughter

Mom and daughter during their breastfeeding session at Saguaro National Park

A sunrise breastfeeding session at Saguaro National Park

Sweet snuggles between mom and daughter at Saguaro National Park

A beautiful breastfeeding session for World Breastfeeding Week 2020

The bond between mom and child is a beautiful one

Mom and baby during their sunrise desert breastfeeding session

Andie walking beside her mom during their Saguaro National Park session

The beauty of the desert, and a breastfeeding session

Stacy and Andie during sunrise at Saguaro National Park

Saguaros and mom snuggles are life

The sweetness of nursing a baby

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