Three-Month Milestone: Reid

When I was first contacted by Reid’s parents for a three-month milestone session I was elated, but nervous. Besides my own children, the majority of my photography experience had only been with newborns and babies who could sit. I didn’t want to turn down the opportunity, however, so I started planning. From the poses to the props. Unfortunately, all of my props were newborn size so I knew my set-ups had to rely on the backdrops.

For Reid’s session I felt soft and muted tones were the best choice, so I chose pale green, soft blue, cream and a faux wood backdrop set. Next, I coordinated each of the set-ups with a pose. I am a planner by nature. Actually an over-planner, so I am uncomfortable going into any session without some kind of a plan. Most of the time my plans are promptly thrown at the window by my darling little clients, but I still try.

With babies and children it’s especially important to have a backup plan. I have found this to be especially true with 3-month milestone sessions. At 3-months, babies are still very new to the world and are still adjusting to life. Anything from feeding, to tummy-time or the sound of mom’s voice can upset them. Keeping them busy and entertained is my primary focus, besides their comfort.

I wasn’t as prepared for Reid’s session as I wish I was, but it still turned out well. Reid gave us lots of smiles, and a few hilariously darling faces. The session was also a great experience for me as I learned some valuable lessons. The primary being to never put a happily kicking baby on their back naked and expect them to keep covered.

In the end, Reid’s three-month session turned out darling and Reid was the sweetest!

Three-Month milestone session with baby boy on a pale blue bump blanket
A three-month milestone session of a baby boy with wood backdrops
A Belle Vie Photography milestone session of a three-month old boy laying on a pale green backdrop
Three-month milestone session by Belle Vie Photography in Tucson of a baby boy on his tummy on a fur rug
Three-month old baby boy during his milestone session in Tucson with Belle Vie Photography
Three-month old session of a baby boy with brilliant blue eyes on a fur rug in Tucson with Belle Vie Photography
A very surprised look by a baby boy during his three-month milestone session with Belle Vie Photography

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