Belle Vie Photography is one of Tucson's Top Senior Portrait Photographers

Senior year is a special time in your life and it’s my privilege to capture who you are at this moment; your dreams, your passions, and your personal style. With my experience and your glowing personality we will create images you will cherish forever. 

At this moment, you are burgeoning into adulthood with big dreams and nothing to prevent you from achieving them. The adventure of your life awaits. You are unique and creative, and brimming with talent and brilliant potential. This is a moment you’ll want to remember. Your professional senior portraits will remind you for years to come of who you were right now, the hope and excitement of this special milestone in your life and the unique style that defines you. You’re unforgettable, and with my help, this pivotal time in your life will be too.   


Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, a book lover or music lover; a budding theater star, a blossoming ballerina, a chess champion or a cheerleader, I want to know your passions. What you love provides a window into your soul, and I am here to share with the world your unique passions and talents.

I’d love to photograph you doing what you do best and what you love the most. Whether it’s on the football field, out in nature, or at a neighborhood hangout that’s special to you, I want to show you in your natural element, being yourself and doing what you’re known for. Let us plan a session on location based on your interests and passions. You are so much more than a stiff pose against a formal backdrop, and I want to capture that.


You’re gorgeous, inside and out, and I will capture that beauty in images you’ll love.

You are a unique individual. You have style and you know how you want to express yourself. Of course you want to look beautiful in your portraits, but it’s important to let your inner beauty shine as well. My job is to bring all of your beauty and personality out and preserve it in your one-of-a kind portraits.

There’s much more to you than what you look like, the acitivites you do, the clubs you’re in, who your family is or the city you live in. During your photo session I allow for multiple wardrobe changes to highlight all of the many sides of your personality.

We’ll coordinate locations and outfits to reflect the real you at your best. As I work with you to select locations for your photoshoot, I want to help you feel confident and amazing by selecting locations that mean the most to you. Senior portrait sessions can take place outdoors to harness the beauty of your skin in natural light, or in my studio to feature your more glamourous side.


• Don’t be afraid to express your style with plenty of fun outfits that reflect you, but try to bring one that is simple and fashionably conservative!

• Make sure your clothes are all clean and pressed, and if possible, bring hangers. 

• Fashion magazines are a great source for tips and inspiration! Feel free to bring pictures of looks you might like to achieve.

• I suggest bringing more outfits than you think you need. This allows me to help you make the final decision on what would best suit the look and feel you are trying to achieve.

• Ladies, please be sure to wear the right undergarments! Sheer dresses require nude underwear and bra straps should not be showing. A strapless bra is a must!

• Variety is key! Casual & dressy; jeans and T’s, dresses, fun shoes, your cap & gown, etc. Dress to feel amazing!

• Hats, jewelry, scarves and fun accessories can be a very effective way to showcase your style. 

• Avoid clothing with words or logos. Use the color white sparingly, or not at all, because this color reflects light strongly.

Senior boy graduating from the University of Arizona poses next to a rock wall at Gates Pass
A University of Arizona graduate poses for his senior photo session at Gate's Pass with Belle Vie Photography



  • Bring plenty of outfits that highlight your style.
  • Jeans & Jackets
  • T's & Tanks
  • Skirts & Day Dresses
  • Sweaters & Pants
  • Gowns
  • Shoes & Accessories
  • Jewelry & Hair Adornments


  • Sentimental Items
  • Costumes or Uniforms
  • Instruments or Games
  • Anything related to your hobbies, interests or favorite things.


  • Clean, Dry & Un-Styled for Make-Up Artist
  • Guys: No Hat Hair
  • Bring a Comb or Brush for Touch-Ups


  • Clean, No Make-Up & Minimal Moisturizers
  • Make-Up Artist will Take Care of Everything


  • All blemishes will be taken care of with make-up and photo editing.


  • If you wear polish, make sure it is not chipped and it's a bright color that contrasts with your outfits.

For more information on senior sessions, view my Senior Portrait magazine.