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Spring is a beautiful time in the desert. The flowers are blooming, the temperatures are pleasant, and the sunsets are delightful. Spring is also one of the best times for a photo session. The Sgoutas family was treated to an especially beautiful spring photo session at Sabino Canyon. The day of their session was cool, breezy and intermittently overcast, but the abundance of cactus blossoms was breathtaking.

The sun periodically peaked out from behind the clouds and graced us with warmth and the golden, fiery glow of colorful blossoms. Theresa wore a yellow tee, which matched the yellow blossoms perfectly. The Sgoutas family happily popped in and out of cactus branches to pose amongst the blossoms with their newborn baby son.

Because their son was so little, I kept posing to a minimum and captured their interactions with one another. My focus for the session was capturing their connection with their baby and as a family of three. In each of the images their love for their son was apparent and every glowed with loving energy and parental pride.

We meandered through the desert chasing the sun and seeking out the most abundantly colorful cacti. A few small breaks for feeding, diaper changes and warmer clothes were necessary for little one, but many beautiful images were captured. Sadly as the afternoon wore on, the wind increased, the temperatures began to drop, and the skies darkened quickly. Although our session wasn’t a long one, in my opinion, it was truly a gorgeous one.

A new mom and dad cradle their baby son during a spring family session at Sabino Canyon
Mom holds her baby close amidst the sunlight and yellow blossoms of spring in the desert.
Dad cherishes the closeness of his new son during their family photo session at Sabino Canyon in Tucson with Belle Vie Photography
The Sgoutas' family stands amongst the spring cactus blossoms at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson.
Mom and dad hold their baby boy close during their family session at Sabino Canyon.
The Sgoutas family cuddles together in the spring sunlight during their family session in Tucson with Belle Vie Photography
Dad enjoys his newborn baby boy standing amongst the spring cactus blossoms at Sabino Canyon.
The Sgoutas family holds their new son next to the giant saguaros of Sabino Canyon.
Mom enjoys her new son at Sabino Canyon during her spring photo session with Belle Vie Photography.
The Sgoutas family at Sabino Canyon during their spring family photo session with Belle Vie Photography at Sabino Canyon.
Dad bounces his newborn baby boy to calm him during their cool spring family photo session.
The Sgoutas family cuddles their newborn baby boy to keep him warm amidst the cool temps and wind at Sabino Canyon.
A baby rattlesnake found at Sabino Canyon.

A baby rattlesnake I almost stepped on while walking through the desert to our last location. I only saw this little thing, because it was curled up next to a giant spider web.

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