Halloween in Tucson

Mom & Son Celebrate Halloween with Costumes and Cactus

Halloween in Tucson is a wonderful time of year. The temperatures are finally cooling down, leaves are starting to change and there are plenty of frivolities for adults and kids alike. Halloween brings not only fun for our children, but for us as well. We get to dress-up, attend parties, go trick-or-treating with our little ones and let our imaginations run wild with costumes and decorations. I have a special place in my heart for Halloween and I love getting to photograph Halloween sessions. This year a dear friend wanted to celebrate her and her son’s Halloween memories with a photoshoot. She dressed as a ninja and her son dressed as the mighty Optimus Prime.

Because a desert Halloween is very unique, I wanted her photos to have the desert feel. One of my favorite things about Tucson is it’s majestic saguaros. They are beautiful and definitely unique, especially when paired with one of Tucson’s signature sunsets. We found the perfect saguaro nearby and got treated to a brilliant and colorful sunset. The desert was the perfect location to provide a breathtaking contrast for their costumes, and a great place to have fun (minus the jumping cactus). Mom got to wield her stealthy ninja moves and Optimus Prime got to flex his powerful self for the camera.

Mom’s primary desire was simply for photos of her and her son in their Halloween costumes. She wanted him to remember this Halloween and the joy they had during the holiday. As a mom of a boy, my version of good photos is a lot different than my son’s. Simple photos can be boring, so I wanted to create something for them that would be not only beautiful, but unique and fun. I worked a little editing magic adding lightning, fog and creative touches that I felt highlighted the feel of their costumes. Both mom and son were thrilled with their images and have fun memories that will last forever.

Mother and son Halloween portraits in the sonoran desert of Tucson at sunset

Halloween photo of optimus prime in a desert lightning storm

Halloween photo of a mom wearing her ninja attire with fog and lightning