So what does a CHAKRATOGRAPHY Session Look Like?

Meet Michelle! Michelle is an amazing person, beautiful inside and out, and incredibly talented in many ways. Due to challenging relationships Michelle was left feeling sad, unloved and undesirable.

During her initial session I assessed her chakras and performed a general reading. I saw that her most energetically damaged chakras were her solar-plexus and throat chakras.

The solar-plexus chakra was negatively impacting her personal empowerment and sense of self-love. Her throat chakra was negatively affecting her sense of self and her voice. She felt like she was living for someone else, unable to speak-up for herself or change her situation.

For her shoot I used the colors of the solar-plexus and throat chakras for her attire. During the shoot I used poses that helped her feel strong, desirable, sexy and confident. We laughed, acted silly and had fun. My goal was to capture her as the strong, confident, intelligent, sexy, capable and independant woman she is. Here are the results...

What Michelle Had to Say About Her Session

"I was in the depths of a very dark walk of my soul with many awakenings and understandings emerging from within towards an even deeper level of forgiving and loving myself.

Heather was amazing with her insight and creative energy to create an experience that left me feeling amazing from the inside out! She is incredibly talented and very gifted! So truly honored to have had this session with her as it has given me a foundation within myself to continue my journey of needed inner work. Thank you for your amazing gifts!"