My boudoir sessions are intended to help you feel beautiful and sexy. Whether you're looking to capture photos in sexy, revealing lingerie, or prefer a glamorous full-length gown, I want to help you feel amazing, confident, beautiful and glorious!

I feel boudoir photos are important to capture at all stages of our lives, because no matter how we grow old, we are beautiful at every stage. Several years ago I finally did a boudoir shoot for myself, after several years of saying, "I need to lose just a little weight first." I was so self-conscious of myself after having my first baby, but I pushed myself to do it anyway. I was still self-conscious of what I looked like in the images, but I also felt beautiful. Now I look back on those photos and am so glad I have them, especially after having my second baby and feeling even more self-sconscious.

We get older, we gain and lose weight, we gain scars and stretchmarks, but we are still beautiful and that beauty deserves to be captured and cherished. I would be honored to capture images that highlight your beauty and bring out your inner light. 



1-2 Hour Session

15 Digital Images

hi-res w/ print release

Wallet Accordian Album




30-Minute Session

8 Digital Images

hi-res w/ print release

$50 Print Credit




2 Hour Session

Unlimited Outfits

A Mini-Bottle of Champagne or Cider

All the Images from your Gallery

A 10 x 10 Custom 20-Page Album